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In order to be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and ensure your customers are getting the best service, you should get your Certified Pool Operator certification. The process is simple - sign up for a class, complete the training, and receive your pool operator cert! 

Getting your pool operator business certification will keep you updated on the latest trends and regulations surrounding pool construction and maintenance. If you want to service pools in Alaska, you must get your CPO Certification!

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Learning the Ins and Outs of Pool Maintenance

What chemicals should you be using? How often should you provide maintenance to a pool?   

Our CPO Certification course covers this and more! You can learn about pool and spa management, regulations and guidelines, essential calculations for chemicals, water contamination, disinfection practices, water balance, chemical feed, chemical control, chemical testing, filtration, heating, and air circulation, overall facility safety, pool, and spa troubleshooting, and pool safety. 

Our CPO Course Is 100% Online

Skip the time commuting to a building where you would have to sit through lectures and then finish with an in-person exam. At Pool Certs, our CPO course is 100% online and can be completed from anywhere with an internet connection. 

The final exam is held via Zoom and training can be completed in as little as one day. 

Be sure to check the schedule to see which upcoming dates are available for Alaska techs. 

Why Use Pool Certs for CPO Certification?

Outside of the convenience of having a 100% online course and final exam, Pool Certs is taught by an experienced pool professional - Chad Bland! Chad has over 10 years of experience working with both commercial and residential pools and spas. We take pride in the quality of our course and are confident that you will walk away with your CPO certification. 

CPO Course Learning Outcomes

Through our course, you should be able to explain the role an operator plays in pool operations. You will be able to draft a good management plan and be knowledgeable about all the steps. 

Students that pass will be able to identify physical, chemical, and biological hazards and be able to minimize or eliminate those conditions. This includes learning proper testing and maintenance protocols per Alaska law. 

How Our Alaska CPO Course Works

Step One: Choose a Class

Browse through our available exam dates and sign up for a class that fits your schedule. 

Step Two: Complete the Course on Your Own Time

The 100% online CPO course can be completed at your own pace. It typically takes anywhere between 8-10 hours on average and many students complete the course and exam on the same day. 

Step Three: Take Your CPO Exam

After going through the mandatory review period, you can take the final exam via Zoom with a certified instructor.

Step Four: Receive Your Certification

Once you pass your exam, you can instantly print your results. You will receive an electronic copy within 2 weeks and a paper certification in the mail within the month. 

Complete Your Online CPO Course When You Want To

California techs! Sign up for our CPO Certification Course today. 

Hear What Other Students Have to Say

At Pool Certs, we're proud to have helped many people become certified pool operators. Check out our student testimonials to learn more about our online training platform

“You definitely made the CPO journey much easier! You gave me the wiggle room I needed to continue doing my job while getting this certification. I had been worried about the exam but after your guidance and review of examples, it made me much less nervous about the exam!”
-LIAM D, Certified 10/14/21
“ I'd rate you 5 out of 5 stars all day”
-SCOTT K, Certified 10/13/21
“I recently signed up for the CPO certification class with Chad Bland at Pool Certs. I had a few questions and he answered them all very quickly and sent me the CPO handbook very quickly as well. During the in-class day of the school, he went over several of the formulas for determining dosing, pool gallon calculations, etc. which was extremely helpful. He gave us his phone number, email address, and said that if we had questions to text, email, or call him. I have done all three and he has been an excellent resource. I highly recommend Chad, as I believe he really is a pool professional.”
-DAVID P, Certified 08/19/21

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At Pool Certs, we're ready to help you get certified. Select the exam date of your choosing to get started. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

CPO Virtual Course Details


1. Select a date that works for you.
2. Select your state.
NOTE: Florida has an extra fee of $20. See below for more details.
3. Complete The Pool Operator Primer (POP) self-guided 8-10 hours online course. 
4. Complete via Zoom the CPO® review and CPO® exam with your Certified CPO® Instructor
(6am-4pm Pacific / 7am-5pm Mountain / 8am-6pm Central / 9am-7pm Eastern)





10 year experienced "Pool Guy" by career, still servicing commercial and residential pools. Here to help you learn what you need to know and meet all the requirements of this certification in an easy to do format. I promise you that! Chad Bland

CPO Virtual Course Details

To sign up more than one student please just increase the amount in your Cart

100% ONLINE Course 

Florida People Cert Information:
The State of Florida Health Department requires a third-party proctoring service known as Prometric to proctor the student taking the exam either in person or remotely. You can check the compatibility of your computer for remote testing on this site https://rpcandidate.prometric.com/ You will schedule a day and time to test with them either remotely or in person after the review with Chad (your CPO Instructor). 

Requirements: Computer and Zoom Access

                                        CPO Course Design

The CPO certification course is designed to provide individuals with the basic knowledge, techniques, and skill of pool and spa operation. This body of knowledge is covered in the eighteen (18) chapters, as well as the glossary and appendices, of the PHTA Pool & Spa Operator Handbook. NOTE: The PHTA Pool & Spa Operator Handbook is not a substitute for state or local regulations.  This course is 100% online.

                                        CPO Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the CPO Certification course, you will be able to:

  1. Explain the role an operator plays in pool operation
  2. List the components of a good management plan
  3. Develop a network of resource materials
  4. Develop a list of personal contacts
  5. Identify physical, chemical, and biological hazards associated with the pool environment
  6. List the steps to follow to minimize physical, chemical, and biological hazards associated with the pool environment
  7. Identify the local regulations that apply to safe pool
  8. identify the industry standards governing pool operation
  9. Explain the importance of a positive relationship with local regulatory agencies
  10. Explain the need for testing and documentation as it relates to pool and spa operation
  11. perform pool calculations as they relate to pool and equipment measurements and chemical usage computations

                                        CPO Certification Takeaways

  1. Pool management
  2. Water quality management
  3. System components
  4. System maintenance
  5. Pool and spa design
  6. Special needs of hot water spa environment

 Any person who successfully completes the CPO certification training and passes the applicable exam with a grade of 75% (37 points) or higher may be certified.   The CPO certification and registration is valid for a period of five (5) years from the date of course completion.  Based on your results, you should receive your CPO certification via email within 3-5 business days. You will also receive your certification via mail the following month.