Certified Pool & Spa Operator or CPO Certification near Charlotte, NC

Welcome to PoolCerts.com where you will get your Certified Pool and Spa (CPO) Operator Certification in Charlotte, North Carolina 100% online from PHTA’s award-winning instructor with the highest pass rates!  Weekly classes are provided by a seasoned pool professional Chad Bland in a “Certified Pool Operator or Guy” style. Start your certified pool operator journey today and enhance your knowledge in pool and spa management through our CPO Certification Charlotte program.

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In the city of Charlotte, NC where aquatic facilities play a vital role in community recreation, it is required by the state to have your CPO Certification in order to operate a commercial pool. At Pool Certs, we are dedicated to providing top-quality education teaching the CPO Certification specifically for individuals in Charlotte, NC who aspire to excel in the pool and spa industry. We guarantee our results. Parks and Recreation Mecklenburg County requires the CPO Certification Charlotte for their operators.

CPO Certification North Carolina

Meet your health department regulations and/or open-up opportunities by obtaining your CPO Certification in Charlotte fully online. The CPO Certification is a Nationally Recognized Certification required by the Department of Health and recognized by every state. The CPO Certification Charlotte is a credential that sets you apart in a competitive market as well.

Mecklenburg County Swimming Pool Regulations

CPO Certification Instructor

Led by swimming pool expert Chad Bland, our CPO Certification classes combine insights, with training to equip you with the skills needed to tackle real-world challenges. Whether you work as a pool operator or maintenance facility manager, our program meets the requirements of Charlotte North Carolina’s aquatic community.

Our CPO Certification Charlotte not only boosts your career opportunities, it also contributes to the overall safety and satisfaction of individuals visiting pools and spas in Charlotte, NC.  Join the group of certified pool operator professionals who have opted for Pool Cert’s Online CPO Certification Course to advance their careers and make an impact on the industry.

What is CPO Certified or What is the CPO Certification in Charlotte, NC?

The Certified Pool & SPA Operator Certification or CPO Certification Charlotte, is owned by the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) . The merger of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) and the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) formed the PHTA in 2019. Health departments in Canada, the USA, and 105 other countries require being CPO Certified or having the CPO Certification. Learn more information about the APSP and NSPF merger and their becoming the PHTA.

A CPO Certified Pool/Spa Operator stands out for having completed training and demonstrating expertise in managing pool and spa operations. Aligned with PHTA's mission to "Celebrate the Water '' this certification showcases a commitment to promoting swimming, enhancing water safety, and supporting research and outreach activities that benefit communities.

Online CPO Certification

Pool Certs will be your partner throughout your CPO Certification Charlotte journey. We offer certification options through online Zoom classes as well as in-person classes. After completing an open-book, open-note 50 multiple-question exam, you will receive your official certification that day via email. Your CPO Certification Charlotte will remain valid for five years and recognized nationally. Click the CPO Handbook to purchase the handbook alone.

Virtual CPO Handbook

Our CPO course goes beyond the basics. We cover topics to ensure a comprehensive understanding of pool and spa management. Our comprehensive curriculum topics include:  regulations, guidelines, water contamination, disinfection techniques maintaining water balance, chemical testing procedures, feed and control systems, circulation and filtration methods, heating and air circulation techniques, spa and therapy operations guidelines safety protocols to follow, record keeping practices to maintain maintenance systems, for upkeep purposes troubleshooting techniques for issues that may arise, as well as facility renovation designs in compliance with local health regulations. Participants gain in-depth insights into the multifaceted aspects involved in maintaining an operational facility.

CPO Certification

How do I get my CPO Certification Charlotte Online?

Looking to obtain your CPO Certification online in Charlotte North Carolina? You're in luck! We have a convenient online CPO certification course specifically designed so that it is convenient for new or experienced pool operators.

Getting your CPO Certification online is a breeze with PoolCerts.com. Our user-friendly and convenient online course allows you to access top-notch education and training materials with just an internet connection. Whether you're a pool owner, pool manager or supervisor, pool maintenance staff, lifeguard, pool and spa service company or employee, pool technician, health official, or property manager seeking a CPO certification, our online CPO course will meet your needs.

Start by enrolling in our CPO Certification course. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your pace and schedule as you work through the material. 

The process looks like this...

You would tell me and choose a “Review-Exam Date” that would give you enough time to finish the online course (explained below) and can set aside that day to take the mandatory review and exam. 

The whole course is 100% online. It is in 2 parts. After the course is purchased, I will get you access to the 1st part, which is approximately 8-10 hours of self-paced e-learning. This means you can do it at your own pace and convenience, all at once or a little bit here and there until complete. After you finish the 1st part (e-learning) then we do the 2nd part which is that Friday on Zoom in a group setting. On this day we will do approximately 5 hours’ worth of review and then immediately take the exam (3 hours max exam time) - approximately a 6 - 8 hour day. 

I will mail you a hard copy of the book as well as get you access to an online version. You have the option to choose priority shipping to get the book sooner if you want.

Your certification will last for 5 years after passing the exam and is recognized nationally. Your official certification will be emailed the same day after passing the exam. Approximately 98% of my students pass on the very first attempt.

Price of the entire course is $350 ($370 for Florida CPO Certification) per certification includes access to the online course, a hard copy of the CPO Handbook (standard shipping included, with an option to purchase priority shipping), review, and exam fees.


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 One of the standout features of our CPO Certification program is the convenience of taking an open-book, open-note, 50 multiple-choice question exam. Once you are CPO Certified you'll be well on your way. This certification will equip you with the knowledge of what is safe for the swimmer and pool. It definitely will highlight your expertise.

At Pool Certs we firmly believe in making the course easy for everyone.

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