CPO Handbook


CPO Certification Re-Test


If a student does not meet the passing requirement of 75%, he or she have the option to re-test.

The re-test fees include administrative and exam fees.

*Florida Students: the state of Florida requires a third party proctor and has an additional $20 fee to accommodate this requirement

Please indicate in "Message to the Seller" which future FRIDAY you would like to schedule your exam.

Required: phone or computer with video and microphone for Zoom exam proctoring

After purchasing a re-test:

  • You will receive an email the Wednesday before the Friday test date with Zoom details
  • If the test is purchased after Wednesday before the Friday test date, you will receive an email with Zoom details in less that 24 hours.

Re-test student are welcome to join the live review class held before the exam session, details will be included in the Zoom access email.

Re-test students who do not attend the live review class, will be required to join the Zoom at 11:45 am Pacific Standard Time.

CPO Certification Exam FAQs

What is the CPO Certification Exam Like?

The Pool Certs Zoom CPO Certification exam is proctored by a Certified CPO Instructor and  is a three-hour open book, open note exam. It consists of 50 multiple choice, true and false, and a pool calculation section. You need 75% to pass (38 questions).

When Do I Find out My Grade?

You will find out your exam grade immediately after completing the Pool Certs proctored Zoom exam. Once you have completed the exam, you are not required to stay logged in the Zoom. According to PHTA, in order to maintain accreditation security, missed or incorrect exam questions are not disclosed to students.

Certified Pool Operator Certification FAQs

When Will I Receive My CPO Certification?

When the exam period is complete, passing students will receive an email from the PHTA (usually within 24 hours), granting access to the PHTA portal where certificates can be printed immediately. You will continue to receive communication through PHTA regarding physical documentation of your certification, usually received within 2 - 4 weeks of passing.

How Can I Access a Copy of My CPO Certification?

Certifications are maintained by the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA). For a copy of your certification, please visit the PHTA website.

How Long is the CPO Certification Valid?

The certification is good for five years* and is a national certification, which means you can use your CPO® Certification in any state that it is accepted and required.

Pool Certs also offers CPO Recertification, please visit our CPO Recertification page to recertify your CPO Certification.

*Massachusetts acknowledges the CPO Certification for THREE years.