5 Benefits of Getting an Online CPO Certification

Swimming is the most popular recreational activity across the United States. If you’re a fan of hitting your local pool or spa and have a passion for maintenance, you may have considered becoming a certified pool operator (CPO) in the past.

Online CPO certification is more accessible than ever before. It’s a great way to pursue your passion and get started in the pool operations industry. Read on to learn some benefits of getting CPO certification online.

1. You’ll Have a Wider Knowledge Base

Like in every other industry, those with more training will be more successful in the pool maintenance market. This isn’t just because they have higher credentials. It’s also because the courses needed for certification are comprehensive and informative.

When you take a pool certification course, you’ll learn things like:

  • Pool management
  • How to outline a pool management plan
  • Your CPO role in operating a pool
  • Pool/spa design (and what makes it work)
  • How to clean a pool/spa
  • Hazards, how to identify them, and how to fix them
  • Water quality maintenance
  • System components and how to maintain them
  • Hot water spa vs regular pool maintenance

Understanding these things means that you’ll be able to manage a pool more efficiently. After all, you’ll have more knowledge to draw on. When you know about the physical, chemical, and biological conditions of a pool/spa, you’ll be able to maintain the space better and keep it safe.

2. You’ll Be a More Competitive Hire

Having more knowledge will naturally come with more hiring opportunities.

There are many jobs that people who love pools can get. You could become someone who cleans up the pool to keep it sanitary. You could be a lifeguard.

Unfortunately, these jobs are not very high-paying. They also aren’t required at every pool nationwide. There are no regulations on who you need to hire for these positions.

Most states have local laws and regulations when it comes to hiring CPOs. Because a CPO maintains every safety aspect of the pool (including cleanliness), every pool must hire one to meet industry and legal requirements. You’re going to be in much higher demand when you have pool certifications.

It’s also important to remember that you’ll gain more experience when you’re hired more quickly. This experience will open up even more career paths for you in the future. You’ll also have more leverage to negotiate a better salary.

3. You’ll Likely Make More Money

As of January 2023, pool operators make an average of almost $49,500. Those on the higher end of things will make about $56,000. This is over the median American salary of about $54,000 annually.

In order to get this payment, though, you’re going to need CPO certification. Most uncertified pool attendants only make about $30,000. Certification is a worthwhile investment in terms of salary as well as competitiveness in the job market.

This is especially true because the course and exam only cost $350 in most states. The only exception is Florida, which only charges $20 extra. The financial investment is low and the reward greatly pays off.

4. The Process Is Simple

But what nonfinancial investment does CPO certification require? Because online certification is available in 2023, it turns out that you won’t need to take up that much time or energy for the coursework. You can do it on your own schedule from the comfort of your own home.

Choose your state and sign up for an exam date.

Then, you can sign up for a class online and gain access to the Pool Operator Primer (POP) course. It’s totally self-guided and self-paced, so you can do it whenever you want as long as you finish before your exam date. It takes about 8-10 hours, so plan accordingly.

Once you’re finished with your course, it’s time to do a review and take the exam. These will happen at the same time on your exam date. This is good because you’ll have all the information fresh in your memory come test time.

The review is about 5 hours long. You’ll immediately be put into your online final exam room on Zoom. The test happens with a certified instructor, so you know you’re being assessed fairly by someone knowledgeable.

You will need a 75% or higher score to pass your CPO exam. Once you do, you’ll immediately get verification of your pool certification online. It’s immediately printable so you can look for jobs ASAP.

You’ll also get an email certificate within a week and a print copy mailed to you within a month.

5. It’s Widely Accepted and Used

CPO certification isn’t just something that select pools and spas look for. It’s accepted by almost all state and local regulations professionals.

You select the state where you want to get certified. Then, when you pass the exam, you’ll be a certified CPO anywhere inside the state. You’ll need to do this for every state you plan to work in, but it’s not that hard and will give you a widely accepted certification to help you along in your career.

The handbook used for the certification course is also extremely comprehensive. It’s something that people use daily when they’re operating their pools. Meeting these regulations is important for those looking to be employed as pool operators, but it’s easy when you have the easily-accessible handbook.

Plus, since the handbook is constantly updated, you’ll always have access to the newest information that you need to know.

Get Online CPO Certification ASAP

While many people are interested in pool maintenance, getting online CPO certification can help you stand out. You’ll become more knowledgeable about pool operation, have an easier time finding a job, and engage with your passion on a deeper level. 

At PoolCerts, our experts are committed to providing you with the top-notch professional instruction you need to succeed. Register for a CPO course today or call us at (909) 203-1555 with any remaining questions.

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