7 CPO Jobs Worth Getting a CPO Certification

CPO jobs

There are more than 10 million residential pools in the US, plus more than 300 thousand public pools. That’s an endless opportunity for someone who wants to make a career in the pool industry.

Are you considering getting a CPO certification, but you’re unsure if it’s worth the investment? Here are some great CPO jobs you can apply for.

1. General Pool Maintenance Technician 

Your CPO certification prepares you to work in a field where people spend time relaxing or working out. You are the person that takes care of their environment, ensuring the water they swim in is clear and clean. You will be able to treat and maintain pools, focusing on customer service.

Taking care of pools and spas requires knowledge of chemicals. You will test and balance the hardness and control the pH and alkalinity of the water. You will be applying disinfectants such as chlorine to the water as well.

Pool equipment maintenance includes cleaning and replacing filters and checking the proper operation of pumps. You may complete basic repairs and order periodic pump replacements. You’ll need to know when to price the repair if it is beyond your basic technical knowledge.

2. Cruise Ship Pool Attendant

As a pool attendant on a cruise ship, you’ll work on all pools, hot tubs, and splash pools onboard the vessel. There may be multiple pools on several decks, and most luxurious cruise ships have spa facilities that may require your attention.

When you work for a cruise line, you have the opportunity to travel to places all over the world. You will work alongside other crew members on the pool deck. You’ll get the chance to meet various people from different countries, making connections you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to make.

If you are CPO certified, you are more likely to obtain a position on a ship as they want to provide a quality experience for their guests. You’ll be in contact with the public and may assist guests as required. Attendants will install a cover on the ship’s pools each evening, and attaching and detaching the net will be one of your duties. 

The cruise ship will provide you with accommodation and food while onboard, and you will have shore leave in specified ports. Each cruise company will have different conditions of employment outlined in their contract. They might offer a salary plus a share of tips.

3. Ski Resort Spa Maintenance Technician

Many ski resorts have hotels and private residences that offer CPO job opportunities. There may be a position as a hot tub maintenance person for a pools and spas company that takes care of the hot tubs in a condo complex. You may work independently as a self-employed contractor or obtain a position with the resort itself.

Your schedule will be flexible, with on-call duties in case of after-hours emergency problems with hot tubs or pool equipment. Your schedule may allow you to get in some early morning runs. A seasons pass for the mountain is often provided.

4. Waterpark Maintenance Technician

The health department will accept your CPO certification in most cities and towns. You’ll be a strong candidate for a position at their aquatic facilities. 

Your local community waterpark requires a skilled maintenance technician to keep the water quality throughout the park clean. Due to high seasonal use, this could be a summer position. You’ll be balancing the chemicals and maintaining water temperatures.

These positions require some creative troubleshooting as some of the water park attractions will be unusual. There are waterparks worldwide, so you may be able to experience the culture of a different country while you work as a waterpark technician there.

5. Certified Pool Operator Service

Become an entrepreneur and start your own swimming pool service. Your company will be responsible for private pool maintenance for your customers. This is an opportunity to exercise your business skills with various customers in your community.

It’s a great job if you like to work outdoors and you can keep pools clear and blue all summer. You will perform regular maintenance and be available for on-call work.

If you like to be independent and want flexible hours, this may be the best position for you. If you’re already performing landscaping or handyman work, you can obtain your CPO certification online and expand your business.

6. Commercial Pool Management

The CPO certification process prepares you for commercial pool management positions. These jobs offer regular hours, usually in an indoor setting. You would work for an aquatic center in your community. 

You would be responsible for assessing, diagnosing, and repairing problems with the pool equipment and minor deck repairs and maintenance. High use pools require regular water level testing and chemical balancing. It’s an essential part of the position due to the large number of swimmers that visit the pool each day.

7. Swimming Pool Inspections and Repairs

If you’re interested in solving mechanical problems, working for a pool inspection and repair service may be the right position for you. As a service technician, your CPO certification gives you the skillset required to provide routine inspection of pools and other facilities.

A swimming pool inspection will give a pool owner a clear picture of the condition of their pool. You’ll perform basic repairs and understand how to service pool equipment. You would report any recommended repairs and let them know if you observe any safety issues.

Someone purchasing a home with a pool will need a pool inspection. They’ll want an idea of any repairs required, the age of the pool, and problems you might see with the filtration system. An inspection also includes the area surrounding the pool, including any security fencing, decks, and walkways.

Apply For Exciting CPO Jobs Today

If you weren’t convinced before, we hope you are now. CPO certification is the course you need to apply for these exciting CPO jobs. 

The instructors at Pool Certs have the skills and knowledge you need to get started. Sign up for a class here. You’ll be happy you decided to take the plunge.

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