8 Skills Pool Management Companies Look for in Pool Technicians

Imagine a career that not only rewards you financially but also allows you to enjoy the outdoors and meet new people every day. That’s the life of a pool technician. This unique role allows you to use technical skills while earning a decent salary.

Pool management companies are striving to meet the growing demand for pool services by hiring qualified pool technicians. An increase in residential pool construction in Florida is fuelling this demand.

Last year, experts valued the US pool maintenance and cleaning services market at US$8.08 billion. They expect it will reach US$10.33 billion by 2029. It’s the perfect time to enter this lucrative industry.

However, the job will require you to be a certified pool operator (CPO). Read on to learn more about pool technician certification in Florida. The article also reviews other skills you need to land this amazing job.

Becoming Certified as a Pool Technician in Florida

Individuals providing maintenance services for public swimming pools in Florida must undergo training, including obtaining CPO certification. Residential service providers performing service work on filters, pumps, etc., also require this certification.

CPO certification allows you to learn the industry’s best practices and comply with state and local laws. A pool technician with this training can identify physical, biological, and chemical hazards. They are also able to minimize or eliminate these conditions.

It’s why many pool management companies require it. The certification covers important subjects such as:

  • Water Chemistry
  • Filtration and Circulation
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Operations and Safety
  • Health Codes
  • Essential Calculations

It ensures technicians have the expertise to do the job well and gives clients peace of mind. This can boost a pool company’s reputation. It also increases its customer base and earning potential.

8 Skills Pool Management Companies Look for in Pool Technicians

CPO certification is one of the main pool maintenance skills employers require. It immediately increases your value and enables you to justify your salary requirements in such a competitive market. You’re also more likely to stand out among untrained pool operators.

Here are eight other pool technician job skills that will set you apart.

1. Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills are a valuable asset as you interact with various clients. It will involve having the soft skills to provide guidance and recommendations. You may also need to explain complex technical information to non-technical customers.

You’ll be providing ongoing services to the same clients. Developing a rapport with them promotes trust. This will help you communicate future needs, including major renovations or pool customizations.

2. Trade Skills

Knowledge of trade skills is a great foundation for a pool technician. These include plumbing, HVAC, electrical, or masonry. The work you do may involve one or more of these.

What is one of the pool management hiring tips busy companies may receive? To hire someone with experience. This lessens the training a candidate needs. They’re also more likely to adapt to the company’s culture faster.

Expertise in these trades will give you a head start over other potential candidates.

3. Troubleshooting Abilities

Providing maintenance may be one of the easier roles of a pool technician. Your problem-solving skills will help you diagnose and fix any additional issues efficiently.

However, troubleshooting abilities allow you to anticipate problems and provide solutions. You can then recommend preventative maintenance to help clients avoid major issues and save money.

4. Cleanliness

Proper filtration practices are important for keeping a pool clean. However, the cleanliness required for the job may take you beyond the confines and water of a pool.

Some pool management companies may require you to perform other duties. This may include lawn maintenance and cleaning fountains on a client’s property. However, cleaning up after any job should become second nature and will not go unnoticed by clients.

5. Detail-Oriented

There are many elements involved in pool maintenance. They include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Checking water levels
  • Chemical balancing
  • Skimming surface debris
  • Filter cleaning
  • Pool equipment inspection
  • Water testing

Overlooking any one of the above could lead to major issues. You’ll need to be meticulous and detail-oriented when performing your duties. This ensures you provide proper pool maintenance, which keeps clients safe.

6. Time Management

A day as a pool technician often involves providing routine maintenance. However, clients may also need more extensive services.

In addition to being meticulous, you’ll need to manage your time effectively. This ensures you provide thorough, value-added services to each client within a reasonable time frame.

7. Teamwork

Working independently is often a requirement for many pool technicians. However, teamwork is also important when working for a company. You may need to collaborate with other technicians to find solutions for clients.

8. Continuous Learning

What is one of the most critical pool industry career tips you might receive? The importance of expanding your knowledge.

The pool industry continues to evolve due to the introduction of innovative technologies. Learning about them will keep you up-to-date as the industry transforms. It will also make adapting to changes in pool conditions and new solutions easier.

It nurtures a commitment to continuous learning and professional development. These are traits that provide a stepping stone to owning your business.

Landing Your Dream Job as a Pool Technician

The pool maintenance and cleaning services industry is booming. Some might say it’s recession-proof, making it highly attractive.

Are you looking for a steady income or to enhance your skills? Consider becoming a pool technician.

Pool management companies require specific skills from pool technicians. They include communication and trade skills, troubleshooting, cleanliness, and others. However, CPO certification is usually a primary requirement.

It ensures technicians have the skills to provide pool maintenance services. You’ll also learn industry best practices to help you comply with state and local laws.

By becoming a certified pool technician, you don’t just earn a credential; you gain a career filled with opportunities to grow, meet diverse people, and enjoy the outdoors every day.

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