A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming Certified: Pool Operator Certification

According to statistics, there are more than 10 million residential swimming pools in the US. All of these swimming pools need to be maintained, and a lot of homeowners don’t have the time, expertise, or patience to manage their own pool. 

If you want to become a pool operator, this is good news. As a certified pool operator, you’re almost guaranteed a source of work, whether you want to start your own pool cleaning business or find a job in the industry. 

Getting a pool operator certification will set you apart from the crowd. It shows clients and potential employers that you have the expertise required to keep a pool in pristine condition. 

In some jurisdictions, having a CPO certification is also mandatory.

Becoming a certified pool operator isn’t complicated, provided you know what steps to take. Keep reading and find out how to get certified. 

Enroll In a CPO Training Course

The first step to getting a pool operator certification is to enroll in a CPO course. This will provide you with the knowledge you need to pass your CPO exam and get certified.  

Choosing a Training Provider

To get started, you will need to choose a CPO certification training provider. One of the main factors to think about when picking a provider is whether you want to do the course in person, or if you want to complete it online. 

Online courses like the ones we provide here at Poolcerts.com offer more flexibility. You can complete the training in your own time and from anywhere. There is no need to travel to in-person sessions or commit to set times. 

This is often the more convenient option, as it allows aspiring pool certs to fit their training into their existing schedule. You can work through the course in your free time, and you don’t have to take off work to attend a multi-day training course. 

You also don’t have to foot any travel costs. 

Besides these considerations, here are a few more factors to look at when choosing a CPO certification training provider:

Check the Course Content

Most reputable training providers will give you some indication of what their course contains. Review this to make sure it covers all the main areas of pool maintenance, operation, and safety. 

This includes topics like:

  • Water chemistry
  • Water circulation and filtration
  • Safety and risk management
  • Pool water quality 
  • Pool and spa maintenance
  • Regulatory compliance 

Here at Poolcerts.com, our course equips you with the knowledge to identify chemical, physical, and biological hazards. It will teach you how to eliminate or minimize these hazards, including how to properly test water and implement maintenance protocols. 

You will learn about everything from state regulations and guidelines to how to calculate chemicals, balance water, and more. Our course covers water contamination, chemical feed, chemical control, filtration, disinfection practices, overall safety, heating, and air circulation. 

At the end of it, you will have all the knowledge you need to not only pass your CPO exam, but to also manage a pool like a pro. 

Look at the Pass Rate

Another thing to look at is the pass rate of any potential training provider. This gives you an indication of how thorough the course is and how likely you are to pass your exam.

We are proud to have achieved a 98% pass rate. 

Make Sure the Training Provider Is Accredited

Besides verifying the course content, you also need to verify that the training provider you pick is accredited with the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA).

If the provider says they are accredited with the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) or the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) and doesn’t mention the PHTA, this could be a warning flag. 

In 2019, the NSPF and the APSP merged to create the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA).

If the training provider hasn’t updated their site to reflect the new certification, this isn’t a good sign. 

Complete Your CPO Training

Once you select a training provider, you will need to complete the training. Most in-person programs run over a couple of days. 

Online programs are more flexible and allow you to complete coursework at your own pace. Our CPO certification course takes between eight and 10 hours on average. Some students complete the course and sit their mock exam on the same day. 

If you sign up with us, we also offer a CPO review session via Zoom with our Certified CPO Instructor, Chad Bland. He will walk you through key areas of the coursework that you need to pay extra attention to for the exam and answer any questions you have. 

Book the CPO Exam

The booking process for the CPO exam can differ between training providers. With us, booking the exam is the first step you’ll take when enrolling in our CPO course. That way, you can have a concrete goal to work towards and a solid timeframe. 

It also guarantees that there will be an open exam slot ready and waiting. 

Pass the CPO Exam

After completing your CPO training, you’ll be ready to sit the exam. Here at Poolcerts.com, you can take the exam via Zoom and your Certified CPO Instructor will oversee it. 

The passing grade is 75%. 

Get Your CPO Certification

If you take the CPO exam through us, you will receive your certification within 3-5 working days. Within the following month, you will also receive a physical copy via mail. 

Maintain Your Certification

Your CPO certification is valid for five years, starting on the day you took the CPO exam. Before this period is up, you will need to take a renewal exam.

Do You Want to Get Your Pool Operator Certification?

Getting a pool operator certification can significantly boost your career. It shows clients that you’re qualified to look after their pools and makes you stand out to potential employers. 

As you can see, getting a CPO certification isn’t hard. You just need to pick the right training provider, complete your CPO course, and sit the exam. 

Are you ready to get the ball rolling on your pool operator certification? Get certified the easy way and register today for our 100% online CPO training. 

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