CPO Certification Online: What is a CPO Certification?

cpo certification online

For many people, swimming is a lifelong hobby. It’s great exercise and strengthens muscles in all areas of the body. It also can relieve stress and give you the mental health benefits of a non-competitive individual sport.

Getting CPO certification online is a great way to help others nurture this hobby and reap its benefits. Pool service is rewarding and well-paying assuming that you have the appropriate certification. Read on to learn the basics of getting CPO certified and why it’s a good idea for those passionate about pool services.

What Is CPO Certification Online?

Certified Pool Operator (CPO) certification is a necessary prerequisite to pool and spa maintenance in 26 states. While there may be other uncertified professionals that work at the pool, most venues require the owners to hire a CPO for maintenance and upkeep as well.

Those getting CPO certified enroll in a specialized course. This course teaches them about the ins and outs of pool maintenance and safety. After taking a course, a person will better understand water composition and quality management, safety risks and how to rectify them, system components and maintenance, and more.

CPO certification requires trainees to pass a course and a subsequent exam.

The course is in 2 parts. The first part is approximately 8 to 10 hours of self-paced e-learning. Then followed by 5 hours of review with your instructor on zoom. We will immediately take the exam after the review (except for Florida). 

Luckily, this is easier than ever before with online certification classes. Rather than going to a physical venue at set times, you can learn at home and set your own hours. You also can study and review at your own pace to increase your chances of success.

Why Get CPO Certified?

CPO certification courses are designed with objectives that help you better understand pool maintenance. You’ll learn things like:

  • Different parts of a good pool management plan
  • Local pool and spa regulations for your state
  • Physical/chemical/biological hazards in a pool
  • How you can minimize these hazards
  • Testing and documentation strategies
  • How to use various equipment
  • Chemical usage computations
  • How to test pH and water composition
  • What resource materials are available to help
  • Your role in keeping a pool safe and working

These are just a few learning outcomes. There are other takeaways as well regarding system maintenance and water quality management. You’ll come out of a course with a diverse range of useful information.

When you understand these topics, you will naturally be better at maintaining and operating pools and spas. Your job performance will increase. You’ll be more confident and successful.

More Job Opportunities

You will also be more hireable. This is partly because people want the most knowledgeable and successful candidates available, but it is also because of state requirements and regulations.

In many parts of the US, pools are required to hire a CPO in addition to other positions. This means that hiring someone like you will be necessary for pool owners. You’ll be a much more competitive candidate than someone without certification.

Higher Pay

You also will likely make more money than you otherwise would.

A pool operator makes an average of $49,311 annually. However, they can make anywhere between $43,497 and $55,898 in a year. Those on the higher side of the scale tend to have more education, certification, and experience, so you could increase your salary by over $10,000 by taking an online CPO certification course.

How Can You Get Certified Online?

It’s easy to get CPO certified online with PoolCerts. All you need to do is go to our webpage and select your state. Then, choose a date that you’re willing to take your exam after completing the course.

At this point, you’ll then need to pay a fee for taking the course in that state. That fee is usually $350, but Florida residents will need to pay an additional $20.

Then, you’ll gain access to the 100% virtual Pool Operator Primer (POP course. Because of its remote nature, you’re going to get all your study materials and review sheets online. You can look these over at home on your own time.

The course is totally self-guided and self-paced so you can focus on the areas that you’re struggling with and need more review on. It generally will take 8-10 hours. You simply need to complete this course before the exam date that you initially selected.

Once you finish the course, you’ll need to complete about 5 hours worth of review material via zoom led by your instructor. You’ll need to take your exam immediately after completing the review (except for Florida). This is great because it will be fresh in your mind, and you can get your certification more quickly.

The exam itself takes place online over Zoom. You still don’t need to go to a test center- it’s extremely convenient. Once you pass the test, you are officially a certified pool operator!

The certification is immediate and you can print out your results instantly. You will get your official certification emailed that day. 

All of these documents can prove that you passed an exam with an experienced, knowledgeable, and reputable instructor. Pool owners and managers will know that hiring you will help them get the best maintenance possible.

Get CPO Certification ASAP

Now that you know the basics of CPO certification, it’s time to start the process of entering the pool service industry. PoolCerts offers top-notch classes with experienced instructors so you can get certified ASAP.

We’re committed to preparing you for professional pool and spa maintenance and operations. Sign up for a class to learn more and begin the process of studying for your exam.

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