CPO Certification: Why It’s a Good Investment for Your Pool Cleaning Business

CPO certification

Did you know that the US swimming pools market size (measured by revenue) is $1.3 billion? Additionally, the market size growth of US swimming pools is expected to have an increase of 5.3% this year.

If you’re in the pool cleaning industry or interested in getting into it, something you might be wondering about is whether you should get a CPO certification.

However, if you don’t know its benefits, you might be feeling stressed about whether or not to make this investment. Fortunately, in this article, we’ll review the reasons why a CPO certification is a good investment for your business.

Finally, you can get a certification for your pool business that will get you more customers, making your business more successful than ever. Read on to learn more.

You Can Follow Local and State Codes

One of the benefits of getting a CPO certification online or in-person is that you’ll be able to follow local and state codes that are related to spa and pool operation. This is because, when you take a CPO course, one of the topics is a section on local and state codes.

This is a benefit for several reasons. First of all, by following these codes, you’ll be following the law, which protects you legally if there are any issues at the pool you clean.

Second, these codes are in place because they’re better for the safety and security of patrons at the pool. This means that you’ll do a better job when you clean pools.

Third, you can let your clients know that you follow these codes. As a result, they’ll trust you more and be more likely to hire you for the job.

A CPO Certification Is a Proven Educational Tool

Another benefit of getting an in-person or online CPO certification is that it’s a proven educational tool. There are many spa- and pool-related topics you’ll learn about. These include topics such as testing, maintenance, and filtration.

So, in addition to being a helpful certification for your pool cleaning business, you’ll be more prepared to tackle the different responsibilities of your job when working in your pool cleaning business.

Many Local and State Authorities Accept the Certification

If you live in an area or state where local or state authorities require you to have a certification to run your pool cleaning business, getting a certified pool operator, or CPO, certification is a good idea because of how widely accepted it is.

To ensure you take a CPO certification that’s the right one for your local area or state, provide information about where you’re based when you’re choosing your CPO certification course.

You’ll Get the Most Current Information

Another benefit you’ll experience from getting a CPO certification is that this course is constantly updated so it’s always up-to-date. This means that, even if you’ve been operating your pool business for a while, you’ll learn about changes in procedures and regulations.

If you think you need to upgrade the information you have as a pool cleaner, this can be quite helpful. If the area you’re in has had to shift COVID-19 restrictions, for example, you can learn what you need to to stay up to date.

The Instructors Are PHTA Certified

When you study for your CPO certification through a CPO certification course, your instructors are PHTA certified. This means that they’ll be an invaluable resource to you when you’re completing the course, providing you with the answers you need whatever your questions might be.

So in addition to learning all the topics already included in the course, you’ll get extra information from your instructors. This will make you an expert in pool and spa topics more than ever before.

Recognized Nationally and Internationally

Both nationally and internationally, people, organizations, and authorities recognize the CPO certification. So if you decide that you’d like to start cleaning pools in countries other than the US, you may not need to get completely re-certified if you already have this certification.

Clients Will Be More Likely to Hire You

When you have the CPO certification, clients will be more likely to hire you to clean their pool. This is for several reasons. First of all, they’ll know that you’re knowledgeable about different aspects of pool operation.

In addition to having all the information you need to clean a pool properly, you might be able to notice other issues when you’re cleaning the pool. This will make you more valuable to your clients.

Additionally, they know that you’ll be following local and state codes when you clean their pool. This will put your clients more at ease when it comes to potential legal issues that could arise.

They’ll know that it’s unlikely that you’ll get them into hot water legally because you know what the codes are.

Finally, by getting the CPO certification, you’re demonstrating that you take your job as a pool cleaner seriously. This will make you seem more professional.

This will cause clients to prefer your pool cleaning business to others that don’t have staff who have this certification.

Interested in Getting a CPO Certification?

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of getting a CPO certification, you might want to get one. In this case, you should look no further than PoolCerts. We offer the CPO certification, and we offer it online, making it easier than ever for you to get it.

In addition to the CPO certification, we also offer the pool chemistry residential certification. To learn more about our online CPO certification course, check it out now.

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