The Benefits of Taking Part in CPO Training

About 24.8 million people across the US regularly enjoy swimming. If you want to help people safely engage in this hobby or pursue their athletic passions, becoming a certified pool operator is an excellent career choice.

Here, we’re going to talk about the benefits of CPO training for those looking to make money in pool maintenance. Read on for some reasons that you should train and get certified online ASAP.

Online CPO Training Is Easy

CPO training is easier than ever before with online certification opportunities. You can enroll in courses, study independently, and take your exam from the comfort of your own home. This ensures that you can be comfortable while you’re learning so that you retain as much information as possible.

Another advantage to online certification is that you get to take the course at your own pace. Once you scroll through our exam dates and choose a class that meets your scheduling requirements, you can get started whenever you want to.

The course takes about 8-10 hours overall. You don’t need to put in all this time at once. It’s totally okay to take breaks since the only requirement is that you complete it by exam time.

In fact, many people choose to do their coursework and take their exams on the same day!

There’s a mandatory review period right before the exam that you need to complete. This ensures that you’re ready for the test and can pass it as smoothly as possible.

Once you’re finished, you immediately take the final exam over Zoom. A certified instructor will administer it to you and gauge your certification readiness.

After you pass, you can print your results out right away. This proves that you’ve undergone the certification process and can call yourself a CPO!

Within 2 weeks, you’ll also get an email copy of your certification. A hard copy will come to your mailbox within a month.

You’ll Learn Important Skills

When you undergo this simple process, you’ll learn tons of different skills that will assist you with pool management. You’ll learn the basics of pool management as a whole. More specifically, though, you’ll get information about:

  • Managing water quality
  • Measuring pH
  • The components of pool and spa systems
  • Maintaining those specific systems
  • How pools and spas are designed
  • What special needs a hot water spa environment has

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to list all components of a top-notch pool management plan. You’ll know the local regulations that apply to pools in your area and the industry standards that you’ll need to follow for pool regulation. It will also be clear what your role is in pool operation so that you know exactly how to perform your job perfectly.

Resources Will Become Available

When you complete CPO certification, you’ll develop a list of personal contacts related to pool maintenance. This means that you’ll have the chance to reach out to other CPOs during your career for advice and assistance. One such contact will be your CPO instructor who conducts your exam with an expert eye.

You also will compile many different resource materials that you can reference while on the job. Paperwork covering relevant topics, websites with pool management tips, and resources regarding local and industry regulations will be at your disposal.

You’ll Feel More Confident

In addition to pool-specific information, you’ll learn problem-solving skills during the CPO certification process. The exam intends to prepare you for a real-world career, which means that you’ll need to contemplate application-based questions.

Those who pass the CPO certification exam will need a grade of at least 75%. This means that you will know that you understood the majority of the course outcomes. You will also learn what you need to study more or focus on learning while on the job.

This can help you to feel more confident in your ability to maintain a pool environment and keep guests there safe.

You’ll Get More Job Opportunities

Over 26 states across the US require pools to hire CPOs. This means that you’re more likely to get hired for competitive positions than those who haven’t been certified.

Even in states where it isn’t required, the state and local authorities will accept this certification as a badge of honor. It shows that you’re well-trained and knowledgeable, which makes people want to hire you more frequently.

You will also have all the information needed about state and local pool codes. This means that you’ll understand aquatic safety practices and how to keep the pool or spa you maintain up to par. A greater understanding of equipment maintenance and care also lets you keep facilities in great shape, which provides you with job security.

Hiring a CPO helps pool and spa owners reduce risk. They’ll know that all safety regulations are being met and have a lower chance of being held liable for accidents. When you get pool operator certification, you make yourself invaluable to those who want to avoid legal issues.

Certification Means Higher Pay

With more job opportunities, you’ll have the chance to choose between multiple positions. You can negotiate higher pay and choose jobs that will give you a fair wage.

But CPO certification doesn’t just mean more job opportunities. It also means that you’ll be paid more when on the job.

Certified pool operators are paid an average of over $20 per hour. This is significantly higher than a pool technician, who is only paid around $17 hourly. These figures fluctuate based on your employer and geographical area, but the underlying statement that certification pays more is true.

CPO certification is valid for 5 years after you complete the course. Once it expires, you can take it again to get the most relevant updated information.

Become a Certified Pool Operator

Now that you know the benefits of CPO training, it’s time to begin the certification process. PoolCerts is committed to offering high-quality online classes to help you further your career in pool and spa maintenance.

Our team is committed to providing self-paced classes that give you expert knowledge in your area, so sign up for a class to begin the online CPO certification process today.

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