What to Look for When Considering a Certified Pool Operator Course Online

The thought that comes to mind when you hear the term pool boy is often a sexy young man cleaning pools while providing additional services for trophy wives of the rich and famous. In real life, a certified pool operator does more than skim bugs off the surface and vacuum the pool.

A certified pool operator course online provides training in a lucrative career. You will have the respect of business owners who rely on their pools and spas to draw in clientele.

North America is the largest market for swimming pools, with an anticipated annual growth rate of two percent. Those owners need someone managing their pool with the qualifications to maintain safety and meet legal requirements.

We will share the benefits of CPO certification, state requirements, wages, and where to sign up for classes.

Benefits of CPO Certification

CPO certification provides you with the knowledge to prevent health risks in pools and hot tubs. You learn how to identify potential hazards and respond to emergency situations. This lowers the risk of health and injury liability for the pool owner.

A poorly maintained pool can contain bacteria and viruses that may cause health problems. Pool contamination comes from animals, dead wildlife, and debris. The primary source of microbes in the water is people.

You will receive training in pool chemistry, including how to conduct water chemistry checks to ensure swimmer safety. Understanding pool chemistry readings and proper sanitation methods ensures you will prevent the accumulation of biofilm and pathogens that aren’t visible.

Water chemistry is crucial to the integrity of the pool. When chemicals are not kept at their optimum level, the life of the pool heaters, motors, and interior finishes may become compromised.

By conducting pool inspections, you prevent expensive damage caused by neglect. Broken tiles, corroded equipment, and surface cracks often go unnoticed by those lacking certification. Your training includes identifying and solving problems, such as suction entrapment hazards.

Pool owners seek operators with the specialized skills of a CPO. Certification training includes local, state, and federal guidelines to ensure health and safety regulations compliance.

Certification proves you are an expert in water chemistry, circulation, filtration, and sanitation. You know how to troubleshoot problems, find a resolution, and keep the pool operating safely.

By maintaining a safe environment, your clients and their customers are happy. Customer satisfaction leads to word-of-mouth referrals, helping your business grow and prosper.

Becoming a Pool Technician

Obtaining your pool operator certification shows your commitment to providing all-encompassing services. This includes everything from user satisfaction to problem-solving and technical proficiency.

With 50% of pool owners preferring professional pool technician services over doing it themselves, becoming a certified pool technician gives you the leading edge. Whether going into business or looking for work with one of the 72,000 pool-cleaning businesses in the U.S., you can’t go wrong.

Don’t waste time sitting in an in-person class; get your certification quickly by taking an online course. Poolcerts.com offers online certified pool operator courses that are affordable and easy to complete.

Sign up for the training and complete your course at your convenience. The course you take is streamlined to your state. Your course fee includes the PHTA Pool and Spa Operator Handbook, a $75 value. 

Once you finish your course, complete the CPO review and take your exam. After passing the exam, you can print your certification; a paper certificate arrives within a month. 

State Requirements for CPO Certification

Each state sets its own rules and regulations regarding pool operation management. Many require certification to ensure public safety.

The Code of Regulations Title 22 §65521 in California requires every public pool to be supervised by a pool operator. Pool operators must test pool water daily and work with their local health department, which performs periodic inspections. The CPO commits a misdemeanor if the pool is in use when not in compliance.

Florida requires certification of people servicing public pools under the Administrative Code, Department of Health Chapter 64E-9018. Certification requires demonstrating knowledge of pool cleaning, make-up water supply, maintenance, chemical and physical quality of water, bacteriological, water purification, testing, disinfection, and treatment process. The CPO may not designate their duties to others who are not certified. 

New Mexico statute Certified Operator Requirements mandates that pools have a certified operator on staff or contract who is available daily. The CPO is responsible for the supervision, sanitation, operation, safety, and maintenance of the pool and spa, plus the physical and mechanical equipment.

The state of Texas enacted new swimming pool and spa rules under 25 TAC §265.205. Effective January 1, 2021, the maintenance of all pools and spas must be under the supervision of a certified operator.

Washington pool rules and regulations are governed by WAC Title 246, Chapter 246-262. The state requires pool operators to receive certification in water chemistry and mechanical components necessary for maintaining pools. This applies to pools and spas in apartments, athletic clubs, condominiums, homeowner association communities, hotels, mobile home parks, motels, municipal parks and other park facilities, and RV parks.

To determine requirements for CPO classes in your state, check with your local licensing board or Department of Health. Even if certification is not mandatory, it places you above your competition when seeking employment.

Certified Pool Operator Wages

Becoming a certified pool operator provides you with a lucrative lifelong career. As of October 10, 2023, the average hourly pay for a pool operator in the U.S. is $31.75 per hour. 

This is an average, and ZipRecruiter sees wages as low as $15.14 up to $144.71 an hour. Variations result from location and the wide range of opportunities and advancements based on experience and skill.

As of October 17. 2023 Indeed.com listings show over 2,200 jobs for certified pool operators. Once you receive your CPO, you can sign up for job alerts on their website.

Finding a Certified Pool Operator Course Online

A certified pool operator course online is an excellent way to advance from a pool boy servicing the rich and famous to a respected, lucrative, lifelong career.

If you’re ready to step above the crowd in pool management, sign up here for your CPO online training course.

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